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Some Red State Democrats Tap Into Obama’s Network for Support

August 5, 2008

OffTheBus, a citizen-produced news site through the Huffington Post, organized its members to report back on the DNC and Obama Platform Meetings. This post reports back on some of our findings.

Few other campaign events held in the last few months offered such easy opportunities for grandstanding as the Obama/DNC Platform Meetings. Freed from logistical hassles, attendees engaged in debate over policy in preparation for drafting their own platforms. So, it should come as no surprise that these meetings attracted some aspiring Democratic politicians, especially those in red states. Some quick examples from our Special Ops reports:

A state rep attended the Lincoln, Nebraska Platform Meeting. In Enid, Oklahoma, a city councilwoman running for the State House showed up at a meeting held at the state Democratic Party HQ. Two candidates for state-level office attended an event in Ringgold, Georgia. In Fargo, North Dakota a candidate for state Rep, another for a statewide office, and a district staffer for a local Congressman made appearances.