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Responses to Democratic Platform

August 11, 2008

Special Ops members who reported on local Platform Meetings are sending in attendees’ responses to the Platform draft. The Platform was approved by the full Democratic Party Platform Committee this past weekend.

“Upon a thorough reading, I am ultimately satisfied with how much impact our Platform Meeting had, as most subjects that my meeting’s attendees focused upon were covered in some fashion. While the exact wording of our results was not necessarily used in most cases, I can only believe that our beliefs, put together cumulatively with the beliefs of others, had enough of an impact to convince the Platform Drafting Committee to cover such topics.

Do you think these meetings made an impact? Judge for yourself – listed below are the “planks” that our Platform Meeting submitted to the Platform Drafting committee (sentences in bold), followed by where I believe these planks are referenced within the Draft of the 2008 Democratic Platform (sentences in italics).” ~~ Edward Rotchford, Continue reading “Reflecting on the Platform Draft: Algonquin, Illinois”

“The Democratic Platform draft succeeds in reflecting the views and opinions of the Obama supporters who met in Oro Valley, Arizona. The first priority of this group was attention to the economy, and all in attendance agreed that fixing the economy could only succeed if it was tied to a significant change in our foreign policy (specifically, ending the war in Iraq and diverting the billions of dollars supporting that war effort to domestic spending).” ~~ Marlene Phillips, Continue reading “Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Oro Valley, Arizona”

“The draft clearly reflects the thoughts and tone voiced by the 18 attendees, who spent more than an hour discussing the energy crisis, environment, health access and affordability, education and human rights. Other areas included economics, war, labor and workers rights, national security and foreign policy as top issues.” ~~ Mary Ann West, Continue reading “Reflecting on the Platform Draft — Scotts Corner, New York”

“Now that we’re evaluating the 2008 national draft document, the members of the Calabasas group range from reasonably contented to frustrated and disappointed about how well the national document matches our desires. Many in the group agree with me that the national platform draft reflects the spirit of our local meeting, but some are more frustrated than others about particular national planks that are less ambitious than those we fired-up Californians proposed.” ~~ Joan Easley, Continue reading “Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Calabasas, California”

“After eight long years of a complete disregard for civil rights and liberties that freaked out the otherwise unflappable Molly Ivins, reading these sections on civil liberties was inspiring. It’s an unmistakable commitment to return to the rule of law. The draft platform makes use of the comprehensive approach Get FISA Right took on the issue of Constitutional rights and the theory of unchecked unitary executive power, which is the appropriate response to the wholesale attack on our liberties.

However, there are a few unanswered questions.

Although the draft language on wiretapping says all the right things, it leaves the door open for those – including various Democratic Senators – who claim that under the FISA Amendments Act wiretapping is under judicial oversight and in keeping with the Constitution. It’s also unclear as to whether or not this constitutes a pledge to reform the flawed FISA Amendments Act passed this July.” ~~ Ronit Aviva Dancis, “Continue reading “Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Get FISA Right”