More Responses to Democratic Platform

More members who observed Democratic Platform Meetings sent in their responses.

“Perhaps the foundation was laid — as this citizen reporter started hearing Michelle Obama talk about this very cause. From casualties war veterans coming back mentally scared, to families that are living with a death of a love one who serviced in the military, and now the DNC Platform regarding overall mental health.” ~~ Adrienne Williams, Continue reading Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Chicago on Mental Healthcare

After eight years of the Bush administration treating the Constitution as if it’s a vehicle of terrorism, it’s ground breaking that the democratic platform was even written. The democratic platform promises to set in motion a slowing down of a country gone astray, damaged by an overload of self-interest, neglect, and poor decision-making.” ~~ L.D. Janakos, Continue reading Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Santa Cruz, California

“I had been alerted to the [platform] meeting — sponsored by the Democratic Party and Obama presidential campaign — by the people at “,” an online group dedicated to opposing the FISA Amendment Act passed in July. So I went with a fistful of fliers proposing platform planks dedicated to reversing this and other erosions of constitutional rights in the past eight years.” ~~ Thomas Nephew, Continue reading Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Silver Spring, MD

“I am happy to see that most of the participants’ concerns at the event on “US Foreign Policy-Middle East meeting were incorporated on the Draft of the DNC National Platform. This event attracted US citizens, most of whom were originally from Middle East, and especially from Iran, all of whom were concerned about America’s foreign policy in the region.” ~~ Suzana Frasheri, Continue reading Reflecting on the Platform Draft – Foreign Policy and the Middle East


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