Women And Boomers Attend Platform Meetings In Higher Numbers

OffTheBus, a citizen-produced news site through the Huffington Post, organized its members to report back on the DNC and Obama Platform Meetings. This post reports back on some of our findings

Women appear to have outnumbered men at the DNC and Obama Platform Meetings but by no large margin. Old people generally dominated, with those in their 60s far presiding in significant numbers. Quite a few of our members reported diverse attendance, especially in states like North Carolina, California, Washington. In certain areas of the country, like Colorado, where the population is surging, a disproportionate number of attendees were in their 20-30s. The same held true for metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles.

“The group was mostly white middle class boomers, aged around 40-60 . Self-described C-span viewers. Just three men joined nine women for the meeting. Only first names were used. One was a DNC delegate, another an Obama campaign team leader and precinct leader who had organized a similar platform party the weekend before down the road. There were two nurses, a dental technician, nursery school teacher, full-time moms, a paralegal, one woman living on disability and social security, and newly retired public workers and small business owners One was a former union activist for the Steelworkers. A handful had been active in party politics during college days (McGovern-era) but had been concerned with more local, family issues—nothing national til now. Eight years of Bush inc. has shaken them and they feel participatory democracy must be reasserted. ” (Boulder Creek, California)

“The attendees tended to be older (mostly in their 40’s and 50’s) while the gender demographics were pretty split–half men and half women. Most of the attendees were also registered Democrats although one attendee said he was an Independent and two attendees said they were Republicans (for Obama).” (New York, NY)

“Pretty balanced gender wise, Two under 40, rest 50+ (14 attendees)”
(Sonoma, California)

“Six women and six men. 20-30 years old–two. 30-40 years old–two. 40-50 years old–two. 50-60 years old–six.”
(Washington, D.C.)

“More people in 50/toward retirement age. Some young people. Equal men/women. Several former Hillary supporters and several who would like to see her as VP. Majority Dems with Independents and some Reps in attendance.”
(Columbus, Ohio)

Some Platform Meetings functioned like quasi-working professionals groups. Led by a teacher or social worker, these events attracted people working in the same industry. Oftentimes the group’s suggested platform reflected their bias toward related issues.

“There were 11 women and two men representing various age groups. The majority of the attendees ranged in age from 24-37. There were four middle aged attendees. No one in attendance was a delegate or otherwise involved in the Democratic Party. All attendees worked with trouble youth in some capacity as teachers, attorneys, counselors and advocates.”
(Baltimore, MD)


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