First Step In Drafting The Democratic Platform? Eat A Cookie.

OffTheBus, a citizen-produced news site through the Huffington Post, organized its members to report back on the DNC and Obama Platform Meetings. This post reports back on some of our findings.

Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach. After reading more than 120 accounts of Obama and DNC Platform Meetings, the same appears to be true of our OffTheBus Special Ops.

Plunked in the middle of dense paragraphs elaborating voting procedures and debates were lavish descriptions of food. That’s right. It turns out that our members like to report on the food as much as they like to eat. A few choice bits:

“A table with instant coffee, decaf, hot water, cookies, hard candies and paper goods was also set up near the entrance.”

“On a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon, casually dressed people arrived at a wooden house in the redwoods toting dishes for a potluck lunch There were soft drinks, beer and California wine set out by the barbecue.”

“A very nice table of healthy-choice sandwich materials, veggie plates, and non-alcoholic punch. They had a nice gift of wrapped M&M’s for the attendees as they left.”

“Hosts provided snack foods and drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks).”

“The meeting organizer had her brother, who owns a restaurant, deliver pizzas.”

“We had tacos provided by the organizer and fruits brought by guests, including white, red and black currants from my garden.”

“Diet soft drinks were available in the kitchen refrigerator, with a modest buffet set up in the living room where attendees could snag pretzels, Cheddar cheese, sausage, celery sticks and chocolate.”

“The meeting was held in the family room. The windows and French doors opened to a patio and lush woods in all directions. Nearby, on an island in the middle of their kitchen, [the organizers] had spread an assortment of soft drinks, snacks and cookies.”

If forced to draw conclusions, I’d have to say that chocolate chip cookies and cheese & crackers are the preferred snacks on the left. On the right? We’ll have to see next week when we start tracking the McCain campaign.


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