Organizers Need A Lot of Space for DNC And Obama Platform Meetings

OffTheBus, a citizen-produced news site through the Huffington Post, organized its members to report back on the DNC and Obama Platform Meetings. This post reports back on some of our findings.

According to reports coming in from our Special Ops members, more than half of the Obama and DNC Platform Meetings were held in private residences, many of which were described as middle to upper-class homes. Maybe that’s because organizers need enough space for an average of 20 people to comfortably meet.

“It was a gorgeous restored barn made into an open floor plan home perched on a hill overlooking sweeping vistas of three river canyons. Very spectacular.” (California)

“Ms. [ ] called the meeting to order and we were ushered into a well lit great room that had a wall of windows with a Southern exposure. On one side of the room stood a grand piano.” (Kansas)

“The event was held in the pool house behind a private residence in a middle/upper middle class neighborhood. Those in attendance arranged themselves around a large oval table and the moderator stood at the head of the table. The party platform was projected onto a large screen across from the moderator so that specific sections could be referenced as the discussion ensued.” (Florida)

“A lovely home in a residential area, on the water, with living and dining rooms used to capacity.” (New York)

“This event took place at a gorgeous farm in the hills of Loudoun County overlooking several acres of green trees and vineyards and fields.” (Virginia)

“It was held on a wooden deck in the backyard of a private residence in coastal California, shaded by towering redwoods.” (California)

“Upscale residence in established neighborhood with wine and cheese tasting event.” (Arizona)

“A gorgeous Hancock Park home (mansion!)” (California)

“The home was in a section of the city that boasted many “retro” homes built in the 40’s and 50’s that were lovingly restored. Their home was cozy and restored to give guests a feeling of the style of that period.” (Florida)

“The meeting was held in the family room. The windows and French doors opened to a patio and lush woods in all directions.”(North Carolina)

Those who organized events in public places had their pick of Starbucks (or, if you’re in DC, Busy Boys and Poets), parks – including Strawberry Fields in Central Park and Freedom Park in Tucson Arizona, condo and community recreation rooms, pubs and Italian restaurants like Calitalia Restaurant, and the occasional TV station, like KCTU-TV in Wichita. A short drive west from Senator Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua is Scott’s Corners, a hamlet of Pound Ridge New York. Ellen Kearns, Chair of the Pound Ridge Democrats, organized her local Platform Meeting around “a centrally located large stone water foundation positioned by the one block, no traffic light hamlet of Scott’s Corners that’s shaded by a really large tree.” (credit: Mary Ann West) That’s New England for you….


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